Thomas Jack Brown

'Forest' (2019) is a multi-layered piece of video art, filmed on the SW coastal path in Darmouth, Devon during July 2019.


Multiple recordings from the same position have been layered over each other and slowed down in order to mimic a three dimensional effect. This mimicry is intended to be utilised when the piece is projected against a white wall in an indoor space, thereby bringing the nature of the forest into a blank canvas. By projecting the piece into interiors, a link is therefore created and negotiates the natural environment with the constructed and man-made world. 


Forest is designed to be played on a loop and can be played with or without audio. The piece is also designed to allow for interaction and movement in the projected space.

About the Artist

Thomas Jack Brown

TJ Brown is a video artist and creative currently living in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. His current practice explores the nature of the reconstructive memory through hand crafting old Super8 negative to form new versions of the images captured.