The Dream of a Greater Countries…

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti 

The Dream of a Greater Country:
Political and Aesthetic Complexities Concerning the Representation of Contemporary Political Territories

"The theoretical and practical work of my project should serve in creating a platform for a cross-cultural dialogue about the dreams, wishes, and hopes embodying notions of a "great" country as a future prospect at the end of journeys of fleeing political oppression and states of war, as well as promises of greater political and economic potentials. Within the framework of two current discussions, which I call (1) “on the move", i.e., the general displacement and movement of peoples worldwide today and the resulting issue of “locality vs. globality”, i.e., the tension between rootedness in a concrete place vs. existence within the newly emerged global reality as the end state of globalization, in particular, the presence and role of diasporas; and, (2) the potential of artistic production, such as my own, in addressing the aesthetics of everyday "local" life and the grammar of "local" objects as an act of cultural transformation, I would not only like to analyze the representation of political territories as the expression of cultural identity and transmission of cultural heritage, but also migratory tendencies of contemporary artists as neo-nomads including the construction and deconstruction of their roles and identities".

About the Artist

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti 

TJ Brown is a video artist and creative currently living in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. His current practice explores the nature of the reconstructive memory through hand crafting old Super8 negative to form new versions of the images captured.