Sarah Jane Baker

Prisonopoly is one of a series of beautiful tapestry paintings created by Sarah whilst serving her sentence. The pieces were created using fabric she managed to source during her time in prison. 


These powerful works depict the difficulties of prison for the LGBTQ community.

Additional works displayed at Little Voices live included various graffiti stencils 

About the Artist

Sarah Jane Baker

Sarah Jane Baker is an artist, violinist and author living in London, UK. 


Sarah Jane Baker is a 51 year old trans-woman, who until her release on September 2019 was the world's longest serving trans-gender prisoner. After serving 30 years in 29 male prisons, Sarah hit the streets, the media and the British government, challenging political and government policy that does not imprison trans-women either within the prison system or the community. 


Sarah can often be described as being a nuisance with her political graffiti which is often considered subversive. At other times, Sarah can be found in HS2 and Extinction Rebellion protest camps or in Parliament Square where she regularly highlights issues of injustice and inhumanity within both male and female prisons in the UK.