Level The Playing Field

Level the playing field,

Wool, calico, card


This piece was started before lockdown began but finished as the world was deep in this weirdness. Increasingly troubled by the lack of regard for those at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. Sally has a profound hope that out of this crisis will come a better world with a fairer division of wealth. The words are from Max Weber’s theory of social stratification and graffiti used as a mark of voiceless rebellion for those who have no voice.







Random Acts of Kindness,

Rococo framed cards with hand knitted additions


The addition of tiny knitted clothes in these images was not intended to be prudish, rather a Random Act of Kindness. Sally believes that different viewers of these works will see different motives in her intent, and this could be based on class and background. Coming from a working-class background herself, Sally saw the act as one of kindness to keep the model from ‘catching their death of cold’ but others from different backgrounds have seen it as defacing art or shielding one’s eyes from the naked body. Position and perception. How we look at things, and the angle we look at them from, can affect our understanding, but also lead to misunderstanding.

Random Acts of Kindness

About the Artist

Sally Spinks

Sally lives and works in London and is a member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists. Exploring the changing nature of class, she works predominately with hand tufted and knitted textiles. Sally often creates messages in graffiti which can bring a voice to the voiceless.