Six Feet Apart

Lisa Kreuziger

Designed to challenge and transform the perception of interpersonal distance in space, Kreuziger’s installation Six Feet Apart is intentionally confrontational. In the days COVID-19, the estimation of physical distance has become of tremendous significance to keep others safe.


The artist calls for mutual respect and sensitivity for other people’s vulnerability, comfort-zone, and concerns. Visitors are invited to use the yellow rulers to explore their notion of distance and creatively embrace the new normal.

About the Artist

Lisa Kreuziger

Lisa Kreuziger is a graduate of Goethe-University Frankfurt and has lived and worked in the UK, the USA, and Germany. Internationally collaborating and sharing experience with other artists over decades has profoundly influenced her way of working and her artistic perspective. As a Director of Studies for Fine Arts and Languages she promoted transnational projects over a number of years. Kreuziger works in painting and installation, continually striving to evolve her work. She has extended her art practice and display of art work more recently, in particular after recognising and acknowledging the limitations of working in one medium only. Based on the idea of art as an experience rather than a finite object to be displayed, she created installations that rely on active participants to engage with them. Her work explores into various themes, one of which is the challenges of perception, visual and otherwise.