The Waiting Room

Lidia Lidia

The Waiting Room is a series of 20 photographs, that I have realised with my collaborator Mr. SlimBones during the lockdown in May and June 2020.

I am still not sure what is the truth behind the Covid-19 apocalypse, but I am sure that one day, somewhere and somehow, this truth will emerge. It is just a matter of waiting...

But I know that during this period worldwide we have seen nature flourishing and recovering at an unexpected speed. Nevertheless the worldwide economy is asking just one thing... to go back to business as usual.


Is it worth it? Is that what we want?

About the Artist

Lidia Lidia

Lidia Lidia is a multidisciplinary artist who works with installation, video, photography, performance and activism. Using strong and sometimes disturbing images in combination with extensive research she aims to communicate uncomfortable narrative generally rooted in social injustice and inequality. Lidia believes passionately in the statement that ‘the personal is political’ and that through art it is possible to shape society.