Cicada Guitar

Liam Collins

Collins’ art is predominately made from recycled materials and themed around nature, science and quantum physics. Cicada Guitar is a forest bird song sound piece or interactive musical playing guitar. Anyone may connect to the guitar one at a time. They may play sounds or music via the Bluetooth speaker that sits inside the guitar body with a mobile phone.


The work aims to bring about awareness towards nature's genius at sound and camouflage in order to survive and man's urban interaction with it. Cicada rise from the ground simultaneously every seven years or more depending on the species. Communicating below ground on sub-atomic resonance and shrilling to extremely high MHz when communicating after emergence. 

About the Artist

Liam Collins

Liam Collins has dedicated his career to a life-long process working with the environment and exhibiting Art and Site-specific Sculpture, made from precious metals and found materials. “My work includes influences from Nature, Astrophysicists to the historical ancient worlds. It is here with my found materials, I find myself exploring ways through my creative expression applying the materials in line with my feelings until they resonate through the complex layers of the higher self. Like water divining, I look to where secret meanings are hidden within the fabric of unchartered quantum power and connections within the subconscious mind. All my work is created through my subconscious mind, resulting in my own genre, manifestationism”.