Ode to Joy

Jisoo Seo

Afterimages linger in our memory


Images residing in our heart


Do we see and perceive everything exactly


What does it mean to be exact


Remaining yearning


Covered, written, blunted, collapsed, and deteriorated


The paradox of past that arbitrarily blurred, darkened, and modified


Life potentially chases for something missing and people always reflect the beauty in the past.


There is neither unhappiness nor anxiety

About the Artist

Jisoo Seo

Jisoo Seo (b. 1996) in Seoul, South Korea holds a MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts and a BA in Textile Design.

Based on the affection about the declining scenes and the ethical deficiency produced by the objects in digital ideology, Seo cherishes problem awareness about the social phenomenon and system provoked by technology.