Hogarth & Jackson

We use capital because it’s valuable and lose it when it’s free.


Capital exists in a variety of forms, from natural to social, human to manufactured. Yet when monetary values are difficult to assign, capital is undervalued. Our greatest gifts (often rendered worthless) become too easy to destroy.


Capital is a performance piece and sculpture which takes a critical and data led view on people, planet and profit and the trade-offs made by those in power. Capital holds the viewer to the weight of simple decisions which threaten to hold financial capital above the more irreplaceable natural, social and human capital, too often overlooked. 


Capitalism once celebrated for its gift of sustaining efficient allocation of resources, political freedoms and production is being superseded by Hypercapitalism - A destructive level of profiteering which depletes natural resources, destroys natural habitats and widens the gap further between the world’s richest and poorest. 

About the Artists

Hogarth & Jackson

Hogarth & Jackson is an artist duo formed in 2013 by Sally Hogarth and Amy Jackson. They are inspired by people, place and the conflicting powers that shape them.