Lost For Territory

Freya Tewelde

Lost for Territory is a looping black and white sound (hymns) and video installation which explores a 48 second vision in the future. It is a reflective study on present–day territories which navigate and equally roll through our everyday diasporic experiences. Partly reaching out to find connection, Lost for Territory is about a brokenness of being, of historical information, BIPOC, human dispossession and technological violence. 


As the world accelerates and persists, our sensitivity to lost practices and forgotten heritages arises with figurative and fugitive configurations. This work sits closely between the various realms that enter the blackness of Afro-futurism, which undoubtedly stems from the Afrodiasporic experience. 

About the Artist

Freya Tewelde

Freya Tewelde is a multidisciplinary artist. The purpose of her research is to playfully reveal the question of aesthetics and domination. “The concept of social or political art is the essence of enquiry in my work. I use absurdity, humour and distortion to highlight this exploration. I am touching and revealing on the notion of difference and ambiguity. The performative aspects of my practice explore the overlooked and plain–site of public reception. These images crawl, roll and flip gesture towards a visual break from the associated conventions of the marginalised self whilst equally suggesting joy and ambivalence”.