Wed, Mar 25 | Zoom Webinar

After Greed Became Form and Hypercapitalism

Join us for an exciting webinar with Little Voices creator Amy Jackson, environmental economist Beth Burks, social entrepreneur Tahmid Chowdhury and Artist and Curator David C. Terry.
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After Greed Became Form and Hypercapitalism

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Mar 25, 2020, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Zoom Webinar

About the Event

Hypercapitalism (mass noun)

Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪpəkapɪt(ə)lɪz(ə)m/

an extreme form of capitalism, which goes beyond the profit generated by private owners through trade and industry in order to sustain efficient allocation of resources, political freedoms and production and into a destructive level of profit which depletes natural resources, destroys natural habitats and widens the gap between the world’s richest and poorest.

After Greed Became Form is an exhibition put on by Little Voices which seeks to articulate the absurdity we are living through whilst reimagining the world we want to see.

After Greed Becomes Form seeks to comment on the strange dystopia we find ourselves in, the inequalities which run deep and the lack of reality of it all. In this eerie elitist abyss where we barter ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, in the new attention economy, we forget our humanity and empower the most unscrupulous of machines along the way.

Since Andy Warhol’s infamous celebration of consumerism. Capitalism, now out of control, has left us in a confusing period of hypercapitalism, where in a quest to feed our egos with status and wealth, we find ourselves destroying our natural habitat, disgorging planetary boundaries and creating an ever cavernous schism between the rich and the poor.

The exhibition responds to the age we are all living through, full of anger, disappointment and fear for the future. Gone are the days of diamond skulls and bronzed phallacies. To survive this movement, we need to change the way we create and address the ethics we hold. Art, blissfully ignorant in its beauty, has found it’s supply chain on display instead.

With Hirst’s celectrated genocide responsible for one million victims it is no surprise in this hedonistic Hypercapitalist dystopia the most dishonourable dare to win. A calf once worth £15,000,000 becomes increasingly worthless as buyers slowly seek more responsible investments with minimal blood on the hands and emissions in the air.

After Greed Became Form responds to the last three decades of decadence and greed, both in society and in the art world in general. Artists from around the world were asked the question: “do we need more stuff in the world?” And if we do, what should that “stuff” be? This is their answer.

...after greed became form, we threw our money on the campfire and started again with currencies that rise and fall, not to the power of profit but to the value of people and planet.

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