Venting in Ryebank

Eva Joy

Venting in Ryebank was developed alongside the Save Ryebank Fields campaign in Manchester, (one of the most rapidly growing cities in Europe with a significant lack of affordable housing). The campaign to protect this greenfield site from executive property development is ongoing. 


This film highlights the site's beauty as well as its potential as a resource for students. The vent-forms symbolise the clumsiness of urban development, the soullessness of polluting industries and how emissions are hidden in plain sight with no consideration for public health. 


Joy also collaborated on a protest event at the University about its plans to sell the land. Academic David Harvey in Rebel Cities discussed how urbanisation and property development have long been used as a security blanket for those with means during capitalisms’ crises with terrible consequences for the majority. 


With the current economic crash and the pandemic’s limitations to our use of public space, its push to build back better, temporary effort to house the homeless and our collective recognition of the value of green spaces for mental health and wellbeing, Venting in Ryebank is now more relevant than ever.

About the Artist

Eva Joy

Eva Joy is a multidisciplinary artivist in London, UK. Ideas circulate around protest, apocalyptic possibilities, climate change and utopia. She holds a1st Class BA Honours in Fine Art & Art History from Manchester School of Art.