David Krippendorff

Kali is a short film inspired by Nina Simone’s rendition of Pirate Jenny, the song from the Brecht/Weil Three Penny Opera.


The lyrics of the song have been rewritten to become a monologue, performed by actress Hiam Abbass in Arabic. (English subtitles). The film has been shot with two cameras, a main one and a surveillance camera, and the two films are shown simultaneously.


The film tackles issues of oppression, exploitation and injustice.The title refers to the Hindu goddess associated with Empowerment, Time and Change. Although presented as dark and violent, Kali is also a figure of annihilation of evil forces. It perfectly reflects the spirit of the text, an angry plea to vengeance over injustice and oppression within an ever more controlling society.

About the Artist

David Krippendorff

David Krippendorff is a US/German interdisciplinary artist and experimental filmmaker, currently based in Berlin, Germany. His works, films and videos have been shown internationally, including: the New Museum (New York), ICA (London), Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg), Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem). He has participated in four Biennials (Prague, Poznan, Tel Aviv, and Belgrade), as well as in many international art and film festivals worldwide.