Power Triptych

David C. Terry

Power Triptych explores various power dynamics found in culture. Domesticated champions the domestic worker, typically female and often under recognised, additionally referencing Rosie the Riveter’s We Can Do It! campaign as a symbol of power. The 'iron and ironing board are designed like a skull and crossbones. 


In America if a black person had ‘one drop’ of African or black blood they could be enslaved. This was called the ‘one drop rule.’ In the image, the enslaved droplet of water is flipped to create the symbol of black power, resulting in One Drop/Black Power. 


Branded At Birth is a duplication of Terry's birth certificate. Evidence of contemporary racist culture that ‘brands’ its children at birth into a culture of inequality. The document is also sexist in that there is no request for information on the mother's occupation. Finally, the placement references the artists’ Jewish heritage.

About the Artist

David C. Terry

David C. Terry is a multi-award winning artist, curator, cultural producer and Director. Responsible for over 100 exhibitions globally, David is highly regarded for his work in art, curation and education.