Sequestered Plastic

Beth Barlow

In Sequested Plastic Barlow rescued plastic bottles from waterways where they would otherwise have reached oceans and polluted eco systems. The creation of bird like works reflects the end use of much plastic waste and the resulting death of animals but also transforms the plastic into a more precious thing, beyond single use. Through the material and the subject matter the artist hopes to place questions in the viewers mind about these often overlooked and so easily discarded materials. There are currently 10 pieces in the series.

About the Artist

Beth Barlow

Beth Barlow gained a 1:1 in fine art and drama degree before undertaking an MA. She has been working as an artist for 25 years both on her own studio practice and as a socially engaged artist. Her work tackles topical issues and manifests in wide range of materials. Starting from a conceptual base Beth will experiment in several diverse mediums before settling on the medium which best expresses the ideas.

Sequestered Plastic by Beth Barlow