WHERE were you Harassed?

Barbara Bryn Klare

In early November 2017, amidst the burgeoning #metoo movement and the startling, almost daily revelations about Harvey Weinstein and others, San Francisco Bay Area artist Barbara Bryn Klare posted this question on her Facebook page:

WHERE Were You Harassed?


She received over 100 responses the first day. The community service art project, WHERE Were You Harassed? was born. It is an inclusive, anonymous collection of location stories where sexual harassment took place. A location story can happen anywhere. A physical space (bedroom, street). A geographical spot (Paris, the countryside). Or other (a relative’s lap). Or a part of your body, if you identify that way. There are currently over 560 stories.


For more information or to submit an anonymous story, see https://wherewereyouharassed.org/

About the Artist

Barbara Bryn Klare

Barbara Bryn Klare was born in Athens, Ohio. She received a BA in geology and studio art/art history from Oberlin College and an MA Fine Art Merit from University for the Creative Arts UK. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and DZINE Gallery in San Francisco, Touchstone Gallery in Washington DC, Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, CICA Museum in S Korea, and Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge UK.