Nature XS Max: Super Retina with breakthrough natural and next-generation Neural Color — wider stereo sound, a beautiful new shiny finish. With the highest pixel density for superb color management and million-to-one contrast ratio. It’s remarkable brightness and true blacks show 60 percent greater dynamic range.


This is HDR nature.

HDR Nature is a series of photographs which comment upon the ludicracy of the modern age. Living life from behind the plasma has become second nature and seeing the world on a screen is now everyday. Natural beauty is only validated when it’s Instagrammable, somehow compromising it’s integrity. 

The piece reminds us to pause and reflect and recognise the limitations of appreciating our planet through the screen of a phone. Though it may be HD, it certainly isn’t 3D. (As long as it’s at least 3G, I gotta post this shit. #nature. #shotonaiphone. #roflmao!!111)

HDR Nature

Amy Jackson



Amy Jackson

Tick all squares with 

challenging social commentary 



In a world which had already stepped out of reality and watched the Tik Tok generation grow increasingly depressed by an inability to gain enough followers or likes, shipping actuality online has provoked such trepidation and further anxiety from lack of control.


“I am in two places at the same time. I have one eye on the world and another glued to a screen. I am a child in Leeds, a professional in London. I am an online presence, I am an influencer. I seem popular and successful. I appear photogenic, artistic and creative. 

I am pathetic”.

#iamnotarobot seeks to comment on the strange dystopia we find ourselves in, the inequalities which run deep and the lack of reality of it all. 

In this eerie elitist abyss where we barter ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, treat money like the dirt on our hands and place inordinate value on the unimportant, we have forgotten our humanity and we have helped to empower the most unscrupulous of machines along the way. 


As throwaway as a meme but equally deliberate enough to get lost in, #iamnotarobot seeks to highlight the nonsense, determine what makes us human and try to make sense of the world’s most impossible questions.


About the Artist

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is a British artist based in East London. Jackson studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at the University of Oxford, 2005 - 2008 and later returned to The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment to study Sustainable Finance. 


She is a conceptual artist with 15 years’ experience blending philosophy, nature and science to create meticulous immersive experiences in traditional galleries and unconventional spaces. Her work includes street art, happenings, photography, painting and found objects. 


“I explore issues such as climate change, consumerism, mental health, social inequalities and critically, how these themes are inextricably linked. My work often exists outside of the ‘white cube’ and inside the communities it touches”. 

Experience spans commissions for Oxford University Press as well as public speaking, podcasts and environmental publications on climate change. Her work has been featured in The Times, Art World Magazine and on Channel 4 and can be found at Whitechapel Gallery and The Tate Britain.